Thursday, January 13, 2011

Real estate video doesn't just help sell properties, it sells REALTORS

Many realtors who currently do not use video in their marketing oftentimes look at the use of video from only one perspective - can a real estate video tour help sell my listing?

I think many people who do use video can attest that video helps sell homes. The correct price of course, is the biggest factor in determining what makes a home sell. But a good real estate video tour and good real estate photography help a buyer becoming engaged with your listing.  It helps create interest and helps homes get sold faster, and often times for more money!

The presentation on the internet is ultra important - and where most buyers begin eliminating properties from consideration. "Curb Appeal" of yesterday is "Web Appeal" today.

Contrary to what some people believe, a real estate video tour is the LAST thing a buyer views, not the first. Preliminary eliminations are made by searching on specific criteria, reading text descriptions and looking at photographs. But if a buyer likes what he sees - if the photographs are high quality, the viewer is now emotionally engaged in the property, and they will spend the time to watch a video... oftentimes more than once... and scrutinizing every nook and cranny. Video is the final qualifier. Video is what turns a viewer into a serious buyer.  Effectively, it's your first showing.

Property videos, more than anything, sell the REALTOR as a professional and as someone who takes marketing a property seriously. It's the slam dunk way of literally getting every listing your are vying for. It sets you miles apart from literally all of your competitors who are doing the same marketing they've done for a decade.

However, there are many other very successful methods of using video in your marketing and branding, such as a video community profile highlighting a town, or better yet, a small neighborhood.

Capturing a slice of what it's like to live in your local neighborhood helps brand you, the agent, as the 'neighborhood expert'.

The funky corner store. The 100 year old farm stand that is a pillar of the community. The concerts in the park. The holiday event downtown. Sort of a "here is what I love about living in my town".

Consider having short interviews with residents... possibly an older, lifelong resident and a new, young family that just relocated to the area. Why did THEY choose to move to your town? Why have they chosen to spend their entire lives in your town?

Show off the types of housing in your neighborhood. Beacon Hill in Boston looks very, very different than Cedar Rapids, Iowa and very different than the Upper West Side of New York. What are the representative housing styles? Brownstones? Gated communities? Sprawling ranches? Triple deckers? Bungalows? Every neighborhood in every town looks different and is different!


Perspective buyers and sellers want what's in your head. Your knowledge, your expertise about the lifestyle and the neighborhood that they're thinking of investing in. If you give them what they want - you have a new client!

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