Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More snow. Record cold. Buyers are staying home.

Trudging through snow looking at properties.

Nobody wants to trudge around in waist deep snow and frigid record cold temperatures driving from house to house or attending open houses.

But they ARE searching for properties!  They're sitting in their cozy living room in front of the roaring fireplace, fuzzy slippers on, a glass of wine on the table, and the laptop!  Therefore, it's even more important that the "web appeal" of your listings is top notch!  "Web appeal" is "curb appeal" of ten years ago! Your online presentation is key to generating traffic to your listings!

If your photography is poor, or average, or even just good - you may not even get more than a passing glance - if that!  Your MLS real estate photos need to be GREAT!  They need to stand out from the pack to grab their attention!

Real estate video tours are the perfect "first showing".  Once they quickly peruse your photos and read your description, they can see the home NOW.  Without warming up their car, without navigating snow filled streets, without farming out the kids, without removing their shoes every time they walk into a home!

As a Realtor, if you get a call asking to see a home that has a video tour, this is effectively a second showing.  Think about it....

Watch Real Estate Videos on Apple TV, Roku, and many other devices!
And don't forget, today it's not all about your laptop!  Our video tours and photo gallery slideshows are now viewable on EVERY device, directly from the MLS! 
Laptops, desktops, iPhones, iPads, iPods and even your 60" flat screen TV!  Our full 1080p video tours on YouTube look luscious on your big 'ole TV!

Since we upload every video tour to at least twelve (12) video sites, your tours are everywhere!  Wherever and whenever your buyers is looking, your tours can be found and viewed in full 1080p High Definition.  NOT true with most video tours.  And most 360 degree spin around tours and slideshow programs are incompatible with hot devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod!

Video tours for real estate WORK.  Ask any Realtor who uses them!  There's a reason why most agents who utilize professional photos and video do it for most, if not all of their listings!

They work all year 'round, but they work even better in inclement weather!

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