Sunday, January 9, 2011

Do you have problems getting it up?

A great way to make your "money shot" exterior photo stand out from the competition is to change your perspective! Every distinguishing factor helps. Using our SkyPod, we're able to capture your exterior from 10' - 30' up in the air, enabling us to capture a bird’s eye view of the home and its surroundings by hovering above them, which is a perspective rarely seen in real estate photos.

It allows you to clearly view the landscaping, and in the case of homes with a view of water or mountains behind the home, we can elevate the camera so you can see the view from the front of the home!

There are additional benefits of getting the camera up in the air....

Getting the camera up in the air when taking photos of homes on a hilly terrain allows you to photograph the home from a level height. Taking photos of high buildings that are close to the street (such as a 3 family home in the city) allows you to get the correct perspective - otherwise the home appears to be falling over into the street if photographed "looking up" from the sidewalk.

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