Thursday, January 6, 2011

Make videos of small businesses and events to show off your community expertise!


Agent Applause, a terrific website which highlights creating or inspirational marketing ideas by Realtors throughout the country.  A great place to go for new ideas or "out of the box" marketing ideas for real estate!  Check it out at

Recently, one of my clients, Rudy Mayer, was featured due to his use of video, not just with property tours (he does those for every listing), but also to highlight his market area and why someone might want to consider moving to the Southern New Hampshire area.

As Agent Applause mentions, these videos are NOT selling real estate, and basically NOT selling the realtor!  In fact, the only mention of the Realtor is a logo in the corner and you wouldn't know it was done by an agent until the very end.  This "Slice of Life in New Hampshire" series is meant as a resource for new residents and buyers in the community, and as a way for the agent to showcase their knowledge of these communities.  

It does keep people on his site for a long time watching videos and learning about the area.  All of the videos are optimized for search engines, so they regularly pop up on Google searches.

A perfect example of how these types of videos can generate business:

A buyer was living in Los Angeles and searching for homes in Southern New Hampshire over the internet.  He found a nice home in the small town of Hollis, NH. When he went to find out about this small community, he came up short.  It's just a small town, no businesses per se, just a residential community.  BUT... he found this video on Rudy Mayer's website showing what Hollis was like. 


Guess who he chose to buy a house from?  (For over $1M by the way....)

There are many, many ways of incorporating video into your real estate marketing.  Lack of creativity is really the only obstacle!


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