Monday, January 10, 2011

Blah, Blah, Blah. Does anyone read REALTOR's testimonials?

As a potential real estate buyer or seller, which would you find more effective and believable?

With Aspen's challenging real estate, you need help from a professional you can trust. A helper who goes the extra mile.
Peter Kelley is that Realtor. Below are excerpts from a few of the many thankful notes Peter has received from
satisfied clients. (Complete copies available on request from qualified buyers and sellers.)

"...Took a tour on your website of the Gant E-20 with great interest. You do a very professional job of
presenting the place and, as I've committed to you, whenever I decide to sell my's yours.
Save this e-mail and let the record show my unequivocal commitment! Thanks."
WFH, New Jersey

Dear Peter,
"We truly appreciate all the hard work you put in to helping us locate, research and purchase our property.
The exceptional personal service provided by you and your team certainly should be commended.
You can definitely count on our recommendations for your services to our friends..."
D.S., Snowmass, Colorado

Most realtors have a page of testimonials on their website.
Why not? It gives you credibility. That is, IF....

  • A viewer is willing to slog through a laundry list of puff.
  • A viewer actually believes that John F. is a real person
  • A viewer actually believes that the endless praise was not just made up - I mean, it's not difficult.
  • A video testimonial is extremely powerful. Two minutes of a quality testimonial from a real, live customer can say more than 10 pages of 'fluff' culled from surveys automatically sent out by your broker to elicit testimonials.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words.
  • A VIDEO? Priceless.

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