Thursday, February 24, 2011

Have you been mislead by hotel or inn travel photos when booking your vacation?

In this difficult economy, some hotels, inns and Bed and Breakfasts appear to be writing "fake customer reviews" and posting Photoshopped and misleading photos on their websites and travel websites such as "Travelocity" to entice travel customers to their destination.

Unfortunately, we all know in this day and age that what you see in photographs is NOT necessarily true - thanks to software like Photoshop - available to anyone - you can push pixels around to your heart's content - removing buildings, replacing sunsets, replacing landscaping, enlarging pools, etc.

For those hotels or inns who actually want to project truthful images to their potential visitors, video goes a long way towards reaching that goal. Video is less forgiving, which is why a Video Tour of a hotel, bed & breakfast or Inn will give give the viewer an accurate portrayal of the accommodations.  With video, you can tour your rooms, your lobby, show your beautiful restaurant, and take the viewer on a tour outside and around the neighborhood to show the actual setting as it really is.  Video can't be "Photoshopped" or altered as easily as still photography can, so it presents an accurate portrayal of the accommodations, not just retouched photographs taken at the "right" angle to magically remove something that may be distasteful.

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