Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ditch the kids, the dog, the toys..... my life.... AGAIN?

As a seller, hosting potential buyers on a regular basis can be more than disruptive and exhausting.

As homes stay on the market longer, cleaning up your home for potential buyers day after day after day is a huge undertaking.  Face it, a "lived in", cluttered home is a big turn off to buyers, so it's very important that your home be absolutely mint prior to every showing and every open house in order to take advantage of potential buyers.

Part of that de-cluttering process means removing your personal effects and photos, extraneous kitchen counter clutter, removing evidence of pets (many people have allergies) and cleaning up after small children and their toys. The whole idea is that potential buyers see a home that looks livable, but more importantly, can visualize themselves living there.

It's tough as many of those items considered "clutter" are imperative for actually living!  A bathroom that is spic and span is great for a potential buyer, but when you're getting ready for work in the morning, having that toothbrush handy right on the counter is much easier!  So de-cluttering is annoying and frustrating, but necessary!

The single best way to eliminate "tire kickers" visiting your home is to have professional photos and a real estate walk through video taken of your house in it's most pristine, perfect condition.  This way, the nosey neighbors and tire kickers can experience your home online without putting you and your family out, while it offers the serious buyer the opportunity to fall in love with your property before they even visit.  In fact, we consider a real estate video tour a first showing. Since our video tours actually walk you through the home and the neighborhood just as a buyer naturally would, it's the next best thing to being there!

If that buyer takes the next step to personally schedule an appointment with you, they are serious.  Consider that personal visit a second showing!

It is for this reason that properties with high quality photos and videos sell faster than those without, and have a higher perceived value by potential buyers.

And of course, using video is your distinctive method to brand yourself as a tech savvy Realtor and stand above your competition!  It's a way to show prospective buyers and sellers that you are ahead of the game in marketing real estate.  And while your competition is marketing using still photo slideshows and old fashioned spin around tours to display their listings, you will stand out over 99% of other listings who currently do not use video!

"Curb Appeal" of a decade ago is "Web Appeal" today.  Buyers are narrowing their choices not by actually visiting a property or driving by, but by looking at the presentation online.

You only have one chance to make a good first impression!

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