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Video of 38 Keofferam Rd | Old Greenwich, Connecticut real estate & homes

Welcome to Old Greenwich, which is located within the Town of Greenwich. Old Greenwich was first settled in 1640 and its crown jewel, Tod’s Point, is still preserved as a 147-acre town park surrounded by the waters of Long Island Sound and Greenwich Cove. There you will find a wide and level sandy beach and scenic walking trails along the water and through the forest. Boating facilities and boat rentals are also available. This park lends character to the lifestyle that is Old Greenwich.

Lets just call it a beach town. Here you are not just limited to Tod’s Point to get to the water but there are numerous waterside neighborhoods that have various means of access to Long Island Sound or Greenwich Cove. 

While some opt for the larger homes and properties in other parts of Greenwich, we here in Old Greenwich place a premium on the lifestyle that involves neighbors, walking streets, the short distance to the many shops of our commercial district, our local school, houses of worship and the Metro North train station. Exits 5 and 6 to I95 are close for easy travel around the region or to one of the four regional airports. Yes, four regional airports.

With a plethora of small shops in town, you can choose from a hardware store, 2 gas stations with repair facilities, clothing and gift stores, a pharmacy, jeweler, craft shops, coffee shops, pizzerias, Chinese food, bars, food store, banks, sandwich shops, ice cream parlors, sporting goods and the list goes on.

Not every outing has to be a long trip. Maybe a bike ride or stroll can get you there, both young and old.

But those are not your only choices as the well-known Greenwich Avenue replete with many high-end clothiers and dining establishments are nearby. Perhaps you favor the regional malls in neighboring Stamford and White Plains? The choices are endless. We come here because it is our special corner of Greenwich. 

Summer, fall, winter or spring , someone is always out walking, biking, jogging or pushing a baby stroller on the sidewalks of Sound Beach Avenue.

And because we are the gateway to Tod’s Point, it is always at our fingertips. Come visit and have a bite to eat in town before you go home again.

Or maybe you work in New York City or would like to take advantage of its countless amenities? The City is less than 40 miles away and the Metro-North express train can get you to mid-town Manhattan in 50 minutes or 60 minutes on the regular train.
Welcome to 38 Keofferam Road, set in a fine neighborhood at the dead end of Keofferam Road. This neighborhood is characterized by the understated elegance of the residences, some old, some new, but together creating a vibrant neighborhood. In the past six or so years some eight new residences have been built in the immediate neighborhood.

Our neighboring streets of Little Cove and Meadow Place are all cul de sacs, which contribute to our sense of community. And the occasional neighborhood dog to greet you with a knowing bark or tail wag.

For your outside living you may enjoy the privacy of your landscaped backyard with its southern exposure for ample light. While not installed, a pool site was designed and approved by the municipal authorities for those wishing to have a pool.

While one could go from room to room of this green built home, suffice it to say that the kitchen-family room with a built-in seating area, center island, butler’s pantry, storage pantry and mudroom help to keep things organized and running efficiently. 

And while this house has an accessible crawl space, it does have a room off of the kitchen that receives the most light in the house. It can be whatever you need it to be: a messy play space, a home office, a craft room? Whatever you need.

To capture a sea breeze or to listen to the neighborhood noises or discussions on the boats moored in Greenwich Cove, there is the screened porch on the second floor that could even be used as a throwback sleeping porch. And due to the home’s proximity to the water, there are year round views of the tidal waters from the third floor mahogany deck.

Relaxing in the master suite is made easier and more private with the generous walk-in closets, replete with built-in drawers and shelves. The master bath will pamper you with a bubble tub and a master shower complete with steam and sitting bench. Radiant heat in the marble floor will keep your toes warm.

While this house may look like your standard well-built home, there is much behind the walls to attest to its Green building techniques. This is done in three ways.  

First, not only does the spray foam insulation insulate and seal the home for winter and summer, it substantially cuts your heating and cooling bills in conjunction with the high efficiency condensing furnaces. Recirculating hot water is provided by two tank -less condensing gas fired water heaters. Even the crawl space walls and slab have been insulated to save heat in the winter and cooling in the summer.

The vast majority of the lights are highly efficient compact fluorescent lights, which add even less to the cooling load in the summer versus traditional lights. All of these elements provide for remarkably low gas and electric consumption into the future.

Beyond energy efficiency, the second Green element is the conservation of valuable drinking water. Potable drinking water, while fairly abundant in the Northeast, should not be wasted. And this house does not. A ground water system was installed under the house when the foundation was built and taps into the ground water. This reservoir of ground water is used for the landscape sprinkler system and for the home’s water closets. That’s a lot of potable water left for better uses elsewhere.

And the third element is about your personal living environment. To reduce the amount of VOC off gassing, we have used low and non-VOC wall and trim paints inside. The floor polyurethane is also water based to give off fewer odors. This is an improvement of your personal environment.

A unifying element of the neighborhood is Little Beach, which is shared by only about 24 families. Less than 240 steps from the front door of 38 Keofferam Road, Little Beach provides sand and water for young and old alike as well as hunts for crabs, worms and seashells at low tide. Don’t limit yourself to the summer, as prime sundown views, reflected off the water, are available year round.

So come and see this marvelous 5 bedroom, 4.5 bath home in a premier south-of-the-village neighborhood in Old Greenwich. We would be happy to show you the house, neighborhood and town.

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