Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What is the best light for shooting real estate video tours? - When shooting real estate video tours, especially interiors, the quality of the light is what makes the difference between a poor to average video tour and an exceptional one.

Contrary to what most Realtors like ("shoot in the middle of the day with bright sun and blue sky"), that is actually the worst time of day to shoot a home!  The difference between the (cooler) color temperature and high intensity of the light outdoors, contrasted with the much darker and warmer (orange) color temperature of the light indoors, makes shooting interior video extremely difficult.  And the results are mixed at best.  During the winter months when the sun is very low in the sky all day and is also reflecting off of the white snow is even more difficult - and sometimes impossible!

Shooting on an overcast day or at dusk creates a much more pleasant blend of interior and exterior light. The light is soft and indirect, unlike during the middle of the day.  Instead of blown out, white windows, you can see through the windows to the outside view.  

The ambient light inside the home is much more beautiful than dealing with harsh, streaming sunlight coming through windows, washing out all of the colors.  Too bright highlights and dark shadows can make for an unpleasant look.  Shooting after dark actually removes all traces of that super bright, cooler, outdoor sunlight and the results can be stunning.  Throw in a roaring fireplace and some well placed lit candles, and you can have a video tour that really stands out from the pack!

Granted, it's not always possible or practical to specifically choose when you shoot video for a home, but if it's possible to make that choice, choose a time that will show off your listing in it's best possible light!

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